Friday, June 12, 2009

Camping 101

It's almost twilight when we arrive at our campsite. The sky is a moody dark gray, the clouds hang low and misty. The smell of saltwater tangy in the air.

The rain has been merciless . Sheeting down on us as we frantically gather our camping gear and tent for our night's lodging. The sky has grown more ominous as night inches ever closer. We've done our best to pitch the tent and now have retreated inside. We sit miserable in our sopping steaminess and eat our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, open a tin of cling peaches and thank God for small kindnesses, drink our wine.

We've laid out our sleeping bags. I nestle in and detect a...stink. Yes, definitely an odor.. Oh Shit..
We have pitched our tent on dog poo. We sigh, we cuss, we all get out, move the tent, wipe it down. It rains. We bicker, we exclaim ,we have no choice... We sleep in the car.

It is midnight and I must pee.

I open the door and step out to a wondrous, wondrous sight.
The sky is clear, running from periwinkle blue on the horizon to a deepest indigo where thousands of stars shimmer and wink. I spot shooting stars cascading down and disappearing into the ocean. I hear the rhythm of the waves.

In the distance I spy a lighthouse slowly tracing its golden white light across the heavens...

I smile and breathe it all in.