Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Things To Do In Your Spare Time #46

Cool, organic toothpick sculptures from artist Franceska Mccullough

Ganymede Callisto Pod

Mercury Venus pod

She is making a holocaust memorial sculpture using 6 million toothpicks to commemorate the 6 million lives lost. Support her efforts if you can. http://www.toothpickmoon.com/toothpick-sculptures.html



This is my holocaust memorial sculpture for my great aunt and the 6 million Jews killed during World War 2. I want to understand what six million looks like and this is where I'm going to make it happen. Each toothpick represents one Jew and when its finished I would like it to be a sculpture that can be touched so that better understanding can be made between holding in your hand the amount of toothpicks that represent your own family and then touching this sculpture that represents millions of families that can never be forgotten. I want the toothpick to change the world and how we perceive this tragedy. I want it to have an impact so that this will never happen again and that future generations will always remember all the six million who were killed. All the toothpicks are different and many come from people with stories to tell and all are unique just like the individuals who were killed. It is about humanity for humanity.