Saturday, July 23, 2011


My  son dropped off his" Rez". (Navajo reservation dog of indeterminate pedigree. Looks like a  small version of "Marmaduke"  but not so bright and oh.. a wicked skinny tail.) OUCH! dog  to our home yesterday.
Seems she ate a chicken. TWICE.  That means two chickens in the span of two weeks. Ex husband and wife are not happy.Banished!
 Thus, a new  dog at our house who really has no clue as to why she has been dropped off to a home with no chickens. Alas, the first day was difficult. Whining, whimpering, looking out the window. Constant movement, agitation.. Jeesus , relax already!.
Finally.. Acceptance of what is.
 My question is. Why can't I do that?. One friggin day?

 Jeez if only it would take me a day to accept what the day brings,.  SIGH.... It is now 9pm. the next day.

 My Rez dog lies sleeping next to the " Jack" who rejected her for 24 hours.
They sleep soundly. The "Jack" snoring softly. Tucked nose to hind quarter on the expensive monogrammed bed pillows.
BLISS.  I say.