Sunday, July 3, 2011

What have you done lately?

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It has been a long time . Life has occurred. Shit has happened and I have been.. thinking.

Yesterday I met with my oldest and best friend. Going on 30+ years strong. Her daughter is in a coma. She ate a peanut laced cereal. Anaphlyactic shock. You can visualize the rest of the story. Her daughter lies in a vegetative state in a rehab home for children. 14 years old. She weighed 137 lbs. Now she weighs 113. Her hands have curled inward. Her feet rigid like a ballerina on point.
 My oldest and best friend made an appointment with yet another neurologist. Same diagnosis. No help really. So, she reaches out to other forms of help. You know. The psychics, the spiritual healers, the ghost busters. The medical profession afterall, does not have all the answers. She prays, not hourly, but second by second. She writes in a journal, she cries. They tell her that they see her daughter healthy.In their visions  she has gained weight and is talking. Grown older still. But, They say she feels dizzy.  She feels.. discomfort.The medication and her massive brain injury makes her anxious and afraid.
 They whisper to my oldest and best friend. "Its up to Anna and God." Not you . Not the Doctors. Not the Caregivers.
I wrestle with this.

And I think. What can I do for my oldest and best friend?  Really.
 She suffers.  Tiny increments at first that too soon enlarge and engulf.

I have no answers do you?